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About Us

Hi! I’m Sandra, the owner and boss lady around here. Welcome to Rodeo Hippie! I just wanted to introduce myself. I am real. I do exist. I am not a fan of the camera and talking lots about myself... so I’ll make this short.

   I traveled 250+ days a year for 13 years working as an Account Executive for large companies. I decided that life was too short and that I needed to slow down. I finally hung up my traveling pants 3 years ago and I started my own business, The Happy Vibe Tribe which has been successful thanks to you. I have now closed The Happy Vibe Tribe to focus on my brand, Rodeo Hippie.

    I became a proud Momma to a handsome lil boy in February 2018 and got a case of the mommy blues. My hubby, doctor, family, and friends suggested I focus on something I was passionate about...so Rodeo Hippie was my saving grace besides my my sons sweet smile. I dedicate this line to him.

    I was born and raised in Cowtown, TX.   I was lucky to work doing equitherapy for several years. I learned a lot about a lot. I learned a lot about kindness and compassion and how to treat others. 

    My sister married into a family that raises Andalusian and Peruvian horses twenty some odd years ago in Caldwell ,TX. They are my second family. The ranch has become my happy place. A place where I find solace. I try to go out there often and ride whenever I can.
  Rodeo Hippie was created because I am a lil’ bit western and lil’ bit Hippie. I love the outdoors and adventures! All the designs are original and my own with help from some AMAZING graphic artists.
I was born in the year of Smokey and the Bandit. I grew up watching the Dukes and the A-Team.. hence my love for vans. Dolly is my idol and my moms favorite singer and even went to Dollywood the first year it opened! I have always loved Dolly.  She has always brought me good luck.
Along this journey, I have learned a lot about myself and about others. I have learned to have patience, enjoy the simple things once again and to always keep an open mind. You must keep evolving. If through my story and positive vibes I have created a legacy that has inspired others to dream more, do more, and be more... I have made a mark on this world. 

Love is finite and fragile. Love outlives us all. 




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